Therma Sculpting of  Beverly Hills offers a Proven New Revolutionary European Fat removal Technique.

We utilizes Ultrasound cavitation and Radio frequency to permanently remove fat in an extremely effective non-surgical, non-invasive and painless treatment with no downtime for  fat loss, skin tightening & body Contouring.

The ultrasound cavitation frequency is used to selectively target and break down only the fat cells. As the ultrasound waves enters the fat cells it vibrates it so quickly and intensely that it liquefies the fat causing the cells to rupture. It is then absorbed through the lymphatic and excreted through the body's metabolic system by using it for energy,sweating and urinating safely and naturally. 

Once the fat cell is broken down,It is not regenerated. Therefore, it is a permanent fat loss.

Radio Frequency enhances the cells metabolism and improves circulation by comfortably heating the inner layer of the skin, which will tighten and begin the production of new collagen.The effects of the treatments is enhanced skin elasticity, cellulite reduction, reduced wrinkles, sculpting and tightening in treated area.

This procedure is done per area on specific parts of the body, such as saddle bags, buttox, stomach, love handles, arms,male breasts, and inner thighs.

As the treatments are non-invasive and are done on a walk in walk out basis, Safety is critical and the technology is completely safe. The treatment only focuses on fat cells.